Working in a Muji notepad which looks great but the paper quality is actually shocking. Here a few sketches from my trip to London earlier this week + abstract stuff.

Collaged type made out of the insides of envelopes, graph paper I found in a bin, brown wrapping paper from Christmas and cardboard boxes.

Some of my favourite pages from my favourite book I own: Hokusai Manga. The aesthetic of this book and line qualities that Hokusai use have been a massive influence on how I work. 

Went to Offset for the first time this year and had an amazing weekend. Here’s some sketches with green and blue colouring pencil and black pen from over the weekend.  

Black & blue sketchbook pages. 

Currently reading Bruno Munari’s Design as Art.

Red & blue sketchbook pages. 

Green & black sketch book pages. 

David Stone Martin

David Stone Martin

Taking a break from black pen to try out some colour pencils sketches.